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We are NOT a Pawn Shop - We ARE a Gun Shop in the Medford & Central Point, Oregon area.

This simply means that at our physical location in Jackson County, Oregon that we sell all kinds of guns, handguns, firearms including antique and some custom arms, ammunition and some great other items. 

We ALSO put quite a lot of our inventory online through the Gun Broker Auctions website. You can click on the link above to visit that site and see exactly what we are offering through gun and firearm auctions. You can also click on our "auctions" link from our top menu and read quite a bit about our online auctions, what you can expect, frequently asked gun auction questions, information about selling and buying guns online, and a whole lot of other questions about firearms and our policies and procedures.

Some helpful information about our gun shop...
Legendary Arms gun, firearm and antique collectibles is located at 772 Vilas Road in Central Point, Oregon and is just a few minutes from the Medford, OR international airport.  It is a very convenient location immediately serving Jackson County, as well as all of beautiful Southern Oregon.  Our store is clean, nice-looking (see photo on home page) and is very well stocked.  If you are in the area, then please drop in for a visit.

​As we stated, we are not a pawn shop and we are not a gunsmith.  Our business is brokering guns and firearms - so we buy, sell and trade.  We believe in maintaining a high quality shop and even higher quality relationships.  This means we are here to serve so we pay the best prices in town for your used and new guns, handguns and firearms. It also means that we appreciate reasonable offers, and expect a reasonable profit. Please understand, as far as trades are concerned, that we are interested in face-to-face, honest and legal trades.  This also means that we not only avoid, but have absolutely no interest in, any online trades.  Questions regarding online trades will simply be ignored.

We are a family built, and family owned, business.  Because of this, our local gun shop is not open on weekends and we have a block on mail delivery for Saturdays. 

Oregon, along with the rest of the Pacific Northwest, are not only beautiful but have a great reputation for being gun friendly and firearm friendly states.  Most Americans here treasure and protect our Constitutional right for bearing arms and typically maintain responsible attitudes and actions concerning it.   

So if you are wanting to wanting to buy nice guns and firearms, or to sell yours, or even to trade up or down, please stop by or contact Legendary Arms - where we have the best gun prices in town.

Gun Shop for Medford & Central Point, Oregon